Take a Seat - Wooden Sign

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These are perfect for table settings and wedding ceremonies. 

This sign is made from 3mm thick MDF. We can offer this in the natural form or painted and sealed (front side only).

We can offer a range of colours including metallic silver and gold. Please message us prior to your order to check we can accommodate your colour scheme.

The sizes of the plaques are listed below, they are approximate measurements only.

Take = 14cm (h) x 19cm (w)
a - 6cm (h) x 6cm (w)
Seat - 15m (h) x 19cm (w)

Take - 18cm (h) x 24cm (w)
a - 7cm (h) x 7cm (w)
Seat - 19cm (h) x 24cm (w)

Take - 24cm (h) x 32cm (w)
a - 10cm (h) x 10cm (w)
Seat - 25cm (h) - 32cm (w)